our process is two things. very simple and very rewarding

1. discovery

We sit down with you and dive into what makes your brand. We go over a questionnaire and explore the best direction for the upcoming design process.

2. green light

We send you a proposal and once you sign the agreement and payment schedule we green-light the project and give you a start date. We then add you to our project management system so you can follow along with all tasks.

3. research

Once the project is a go, we do our research on the tasks in front of us. We search competition and see the big picture and learn the best way to navigate your way to the top. We look for brand similarities and make sure your design is not colliding with other brands so it stays unique.

4. creative execution

This is the design and build phase of the process. We use our best team resources and work back and forth with the client for revisions and final concept.

5. approval

Once a final concept is completed in each project, we request approval to move forward to deliverable content. Once approved the project is considered to be closed and ready to be published.

6. all smiles

We hope by this phase you and your team are proud of what we created. We love seeing happy clients and all smiles!

small talk turns into something big

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